Designing Product Protection for Greater Supply Chain Agility + ROI

Navigating to Achieve a Faster, More Efficient Supply Chain

Session 2: Supply Chain Logistics

Working Against the Clock: How to Navigate Tight Lead Times, Delivery Challenges, External Delays, Tooling Challenges, and Support to Achieve a Faster, More Efficient Supply Chain

The future is sleeker, faster, and more efficient – or so we thought. In the lingering wake of the past two-plus years of COVID, severe weather events, groundswell changes in the labor market, and unprecedented surges in material costs and shipping delays, manufacturers had to adapt. Agility and adaptability have been crucial in navigating the complex – and compounding – issues facing manufacturing. Creative solutions like using custom masking to maximize the efficiency of labor teams, expanding the supplier roster, and moving to in-country manufacturers for critical parts helped companies work smarter rather than harder to mitigate pinch points in their processes and overcome delivery challenges, material delays, or other issues that threaten on-time commitments. In this session, Caplugs experts Christine Koch, Vice President of Quality and Purchasing, and Vimal Venugopalan, Director of Business Development, explain how the company has put these practices into action to find greater flexibility, secure inventory and make recommendations on alternative solutions when design engineers face tight lead times, supply shortages and logistical challenges in today’s less-than-predictable supply chain.

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Vimal Venugopalan

Director of Business Development

Christine Koch

Vice President of Quality and Purchasing

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