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Designing Product Protection for Greater Supply Chain Agility + ROI

Join us online and on-demand for our first-ever virtual event, “Designing Product Protection for Greater Supply Chain Agility + ROI,” hosted on Caplugs Connect.

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  • Session 1: Product Protection and Masking: Ensuring Effective Solutions and Avoiding Costly “Band Aids”
    • Join our panel of experts, John D. Gill, International Sales Engineer for Caplugs, and Senior Sales Engineers Jimmy Rodriguez and Todd Schuh, as they discuss how choosing the right solution can impact product quality and drive cost savings.
  • Session 2: Working Against the Clock: How to Navigate Tight Lead Times, Delivery Challenges, External Delays and Onshoring Strategies to Adapt to Today’s Supply Chain
    • In this session, Caplugs experts Christine Koch, Vice President of Quality and Purchasing, and Vimal Venugopalan, Director of Business Development, explain how the company has put practices into action to find greater flexibility, secure inventory and make recommendations on alternative solutions when design engineers face tight lead times, supply shortages and logistical challenges in today’s less-than predictable supply chain.
  • Session 3: Design for Manufacturability – Work with Experts for an Optimized and Scalable Solution
    • Join Clint Badowski, Design Group Leader at Caplugs, to learn how design for manufacturability can optimize designs for higher-performing, more consistent and scalable part protection, as well as product improvements, mold longevity and efficiency.