Designing Product Protection for Greater Supply Chain Agility + ROI

Ensuring Effective Solutions and Avoiding Costly "Band Aids"

Session 1: Product Protection and Masking

Product Protection and Masking: Ensuring Effective Solutions and Avoiding Costly “Band Aids”

Treating product protection and masking as an afterthought can be a costly mistake. When manufacturers of critical parts and equipment for the automotive, aviation, electronics, medical, and other industries fail to select the right product protection, they risk product damage, loss, and potential failure at the end-use stage. This can erode customer confidence and undermine design engineers’ diligent and innovative work. Companies – and design engineers specifically – can avoid the inefficiencies and added costs of using “Band-Aid” protection with purpose-driven protection and masking solutions that consider the conditions of the supply chain journey, the potential for reusability, ease of installation/removal, and whether customization or modification of available solutions may be necessary. Join our panel of experts – John D. Gill, International Sales Engineer for Caplugs, and Senior Sales Engineers Jimmy Rodriguez and Todd Schuh – as they discuss how these considerations can impact product quality and drive cost savings

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Todd Schuh

Senior Sales Engineer

John D. Gill

International Sales Engineer

Jimmy Rodriguez

Senior Sales Engineer

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