Designing Product Protection for Greater Supply Chain Agility + ROI

Designing for Manufacturability

Session 3: Design for Manufacturability

Design for Manufacturability – Work with Experts for an Optimized and Scalable Solution

Whether manufacturers must mask an item during a coating or finishing process or protect the final product during shipping from a facility to an end user, arriving at the right product protection solution is a complex process. From shape and fit to material selection, design for manufacturability (DFM) is an approach that considers it all. As part of the Caplugs DFM approach, engineers perform a comprehensive assessment to deliver an optimized product, identifying potential design issues that can lead to production inconsistency, poor tolerance matching, or difficulties in molding that could lead to short-fills, surface defects, or unintended weakness in the final part. Join Clint Badowski, Design Group Leader at Caplugs, to learn how DFM can optimize the design for a higher performing, more consistent, and scalable part protection, as well as product improvements, mold longevity, and efficiency.

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Clint Badowski

Design Team Leader

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